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Certified Producer and Engineer of Crooked Moon Studios

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Engineered Strings and Other Tracks For:

Vessel - The Accidentals

Reimagined - The Accidentals / Kaboom Collective

Time Out Session #1 - The Accidentals

Time Out Session #2 - The Accidentals

Euphoria - BTS

How Many Miles - HuDost

Genuine - Anchors for Reality

living room - emily the band

Cry About It - Ian Ridenhour

Abrielle Scharf

Crazy Train - Patty PerShayla

Panama - Patty PerShayla
Once In a Very Blue Moon - The Burney Sisters

How Can I Say This? - Annie Capps

Blood of the Saints - Arson Party

Chloe Kimes - Chloe Kimes

Master of Fire - Grace Theisen

The Catch Album - Chain of Lakes

How to Change - Loren Johnson

Timelines - Lunchbox Rachel

The World Moves On - Michelle Held

Sundry Love Songs - Stacy Henle

Falling for You - Trae Sheehan

A Time to Get Away - Tess Starr

Small Price - Ryan Cassidy

California - Maia Sharp

Hammond Song - Kim Richey

Hold On - Hacky Turtles

House Cleaning - James Filkins

Burning Daylight - Mia Nicolai & Dion Cooper

Ongoing projects - Brendan James

Ongoing projects - Kanin Wren

Ongoing projects - Stolen Enterprise

Ongoing projects - Grassroots Rebels

Ongoing projects - Spencer LaJoye


Created a 40-page manual on How to Livestream via OBS, StreamYard, Zoom, Crowdcast, and other streaming platforms

Hosted panels with the Recording Academy / Grammys, Patreon, several venues, and more on how to livestream

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